Number 1 Epic Confidence trick

Number 1 Epic Confidence trick.

The Number 1 Epic Confidence trick 

The number 1epic confidence trick, what is confidence?

According to Wikipedia:-

It’s a state of being clear headed!

Confidence comes from a Latin word FIDERE, which means to trust.

Therefore having self-confidence is having trust in oneself!

Arrogance in comparison is the state of having unmerited confidence( believing something or someone is capable or correct when they’re not)

Im not good enough!

Hes better looking than me, that’s why he gets the babes!

He earns more money!

Hes  more successful!

And so it goes on, and on, like Ariston!

Its so easy, in this day and age to want the better:-







But I’m sure that the people who are better looking, and more successful,  with the drop dead gorgeous babe and the 6 bedroom mansion ,with the Bentley in the drive, probably want the bigger mansion with a pool or a helipad and so it goes, on and on again…..

When I was at school, I remember having no confidence at all!

I had long hair, and trousers too short which was bad enough, and if a teacher asked a question I knew( and I did a lot of the time), I would totally refuse to raise my hand and answer!!!!!!!In fact if I could’ve glued my hands together with copydex I would have.

Looking back I wish I raised my hand more often because knowledge gives you more confidence, but I couldn’t care less now, and I’m sure all 14 year old boys back in the seventies were in the same boat, weren’t they?

Confidence is knowledge, and when I was in the selling game I made sure I knew more than anyone else knew about the product, and that gave me more confidence and I sold more and more.



I made sure I knew the product inside out, backwards, diagonally and ate, slept and drank the product.

Look at the likes of Wenger, Mourinho and Pep!

You can tell someone’s confidence levels straight away by looking at their physiology.The way they walk, stand and hold themselves.

Look anywhere in the high street, and you will see a guy laughing and shouting down the phone, big presence, open stance and making himself look bigger than what he is, and then another guy shuffling along with hunched shoulders, looking at the ground!

Who do you think is showing more confidence?

Yes, of course the first guy.

But here’s the rub.

If you’re having a bad hair day and look like Worzel Gummidge after he’s been dragged through a hedge backwards after having too many cups of tea and slices of cake with Aunt Sally, and feel like John Terry after he slipped up( literally) after nearly putting one past Manchester  United, to win the champions league in 2008 in Moscow!

You can change it!

Stand up straight, smile and act as though you’ve just won the lottery, and I promise it will change your state in a flash.

You Are, how you act, so be the best you!

Simon Dezart 2021

Number 1 Epic Confidence trick – Do it now!

Imagine an imaginary circle on the floor about 3 foot in diameter.

Step into it and close your eyes.

Think of a time when you were so confident or happy you could do anything.

(Mine was the 2002 Fa cup final at Cardiff when The Arse beat Chelsea 2-0 with goals from Raymond Parlour and Reddy Freddie Ljungberg ! What a day, and I was there!)

Now for the clever bit:-

Get really vivid with:-

What you were wearing, the colours and the sounds all around you, hear peoples voices and the smells of your surroundings, maybe Stella,I mean coffee brewing, try and get really and I mean REALLY, REALLY vivid with it!ALL the MORE vivid, the more it will work.Try and actually play it in your mind like that a movie capturing every second, every frame, every sound, you are now in Steven Spielberg mode!

Step out the circle,  and open your eyes,  and shrink the imaginary circle down to the size of a ring, bend down pick it up and slip it on your finger ( not your wedding one)

When you need a boost or a pick me up, like before that job interview, or asking for a rise, or asking for that hotties number in the supermarket queue, slip off the ring , throw it on the floor and step in and let the magic begin, and perform the number 1 Epic confidence trick!

Thats it, The Number 1 Epic Confidence trick is complete and do it like Martini,( Anywhere,Any place, Any time )

Try it, it really works and let me know how you get on!

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