Mens Detox

New Mens Detox- The 7 Day Plan

Mens Detox

Mens Detox


Mens detox Is  a process where the body expels any poisons held within ,ie alcohol.

It can motivate you to eat more natural foods,like fruit and vegetables,beans and pulses, for better gut health and general wellbeing.

It can help you cut down on alcohol,caffeine,and bad carbs by re-educating your taste buds.

The Mens detox can help you get used to drinking more water,which we all know is good for us.

Also,it can put you on the right track for a new healthy life and fitness regime.

Plus will put your energy levels through the roof.

All in all,its a winwin situation even if all it does is too create for you a more healthy,colourful plate of food!


How Can It Help You

How indeed I hear you say !!!!!!!!

Think of it like this:-

Helps your blood and glucose levels

Aids your complexion

Helps you on your weight loss journey

Gives your body a long overdue rest from poisons

But,and this is the most crucial bit,like that walnut whip without the walnut!

Like the can of lager that’s not been put in the fridge,and left out in the 90 degree heat,heaven forbid,hope it’s not Stella!

Like Arsenal not playing champions league football anymore!(what they haven’t been for years,shock,horror!!!!!)


i will repeat


To be honest,if it was £25,£50,£100,£500 or even a grand,I would still have signed up for what it did for me mentally!

How much have you spent on diets in the past?

How much have you spent on gym memberships,and gone as often as the amount of trophies in the Spurs cabinet?

How much have you spent on going out for meals,and beer,and more beer,only to squirt it up the side of the kebab house,after you’ve brought up,what you bought at the kebab house,down the side of the kebab house!!!!!!!!Hang on,hang on I’m getting confused here!Add it all up anyway.

All I know is it helped me,and I’ve now reset my body and mind,and ready for the next 30 or more years with anticipation,not dread,and I can even face the fact that the gunners might end up mid table(ish) for the foreseeable future!


How Do You Do It?


Take away temptation:-Clear out your fridge,and cupboards of foods that are not the colours of the rainbow,but drab and brown,like biscuits,chocolate,lager etc,but leave all the green stuff and refill with salad, veggies,and fresh fruit.

Stock up on tins of pulses,like butter,haricot,kidney,and canneleni beans and lentils.And vegan cereal,and almond or oat milk.

I would recommend the week before you embark on your Mens Detox is, to eat healthy,and cut out bread,meat,pasta and get used too your new best friend……………water.

Yes,drink lots and lots of water.

Start having almond milk with your cereal or porridge,and try some green tea, because from next week you will be drinking lots to cleanse your insides.

Get a de-tox buddy,so you’re not alone( you’re not really alone because there’s a ton of help available on the Live120 website)

Get your mind straight,and maybe do a bit of meditation,again lots of sites online and apps like headspace.

Thats it :- YOU ARE SET and now head over to the website below

and select the package you want and put in my code to claim your 10% off.

How I did it 


Day 1

We are off ,up and ready to go for Mens  Detox . In the shower but just before all over body brushing,to clear off all the toxins and dead skin cells,It also injects well-being.

Im feeling anticipation and excitement,all at the same time as I pour out my Kellogg’s vegan cereal,and add almond milk and fresh berries.

Im already feeling better as I do my daily 30/40 minutes cardio,and weights workout. Is it me? Or have I more energy me thinks!


Refreshing lunch of salad including peppers,spinach leaves,and chick peas,and it’s time to make my veggie stew that costs less than a pound per serving( recipe to follow)

Strange thing has happened (Spurs have won a cup ) No,no,not that strange,I’ve had my lunch,and I’m not falling asleep for 10 minutes like I normally do!

Whats all that about Alfie?

Could it be,Start Eastenders drum roll!!!!!

Bom bom bomma bom (eastenders drum roll)


I feel like I’m getting more done for some reason,and with more vigour and gusto.

Ive got more determination , like Saka of The Arsenal running towards the Man City goalmouth and Eddison going the wrong way.

Mid afternoon and I’m blogging away like a health freak doing press ups on crack cocaine.

Its time for a cuppa and out comes the green tea,and it’s surprisingly refreshing.

As dinner time looms on the horizon, I’ve made a lovely healthy colourful plate of:-

3 Linda McCartney’s vegan sausages,sweet potato mash with a drop of almond milk,broccoli, carrots and more spinach.

The evening goes quick,and I’m in the land of nod by 10 pm sharp.Im dreaming of Charlie George and Thierry Henry scoring their screamers for The red and white army and going down in Arsenal history!!

Day 2

Its day 2 and I feel bloody marvellous, had a really good nights sleep,and only got up once, maybe twice for a wee!

Normally its up down,up down,like a yo-yo on speed!

The vegan cereal was ok(ish),but much better today with strawberries,blueberries,nuts and raisins.

Im even getting used to the de-tox green tea,its not exactly Yorkshires builders  tea,but its actually ok!

Been cooking veggie stew and ive a lot more energy,but i havnt had any meat,red or white(like the gunners)for about 9 days so all good.

Day 3

All good in the Simon hood ,and the vegan cereal is routine now,and i dont need to even think about it,straight in the bowl and down my trap!

Linda Mccarteneys sausages again for dinner,and its going better than i thought.

Day 4

Missing a cup of Yorkshire builders,but apart from that I’m feeling really good,even though I sat through dinner yesterday watching my dad drink a beer.

Days 5 and 6

Im used to the de- tox now and almost forgotten about it to be honest!

Day 7


Ive completed my first Mens  Detox

Ive lost half a stone.

Its NOT THE FOOD I repeat


It changes your mind set into

I CAN instead of I CANT







What It did for Me

Weight Loss

I lost half a stone and feel bloody marvellous into the bargain.

Better Sleep

Had a really good nights sleep,and only got up once for a wee – normally it’s up down,up down,………You know the rest!

More Energy

Ive got so much more energy,I’m awake at 7 am, and all set,instead of that sluggish feeling of dread,with the thought of the cold day ahead.

Stronger Mindset

My mindset has changed from I can’t,too I can,from I won’t too I will,and I mustn’t too I must- it’s the complete rest from carbs,and rubbish food.

Healthy Diet

It sets you on the right path of healthy eating.I now think of what I’m putting into my body,and I mean EVERYTHING! Before it was shove it in,and start again tomorrow.

Mood Changer

The Mens Detox changed  my mind ,from mild misery,lethargy,fatigue and procrastination,into a lean mean fighting machine of Sly Stallone,Arnie and Monsieur Van-Damme all rolled into oneContact

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