Veggie and 4 bean stew

Cheap Veggie and 4 bean stew

If you can eat this veggie and 4 bean stew between 4 and 6 times a week, it will give you more energy and vitamins, and be a healthy holiday from bread and meat.

At only about £1 or so a serving, and around 100(ish) calories it will help you on your healthy lifestyle and wellbeing journey.

Ive been using the veggie and 4 bean stew to replace a few weekly meals since January now, and I feel so good after:-

1) Not stuffed but adequately full.

2) More alert.

3) More energy(especially for workouts)

4) Better frame of mind.

Its a cheap, quick and easy meal that anyone can make( if I can do it anyone can)and it won’t break the bank!


Serves 4-6 ( depending on how hungry you are)

Preparation time about 15 minutes

Cooking time 90 minutes(approximately)

Lets get started, you will need:-

1) 2 or 3 carrots

2) 2 parsnips

3) 1 tin of butter, haricot, kidney and canelini beans

4)2 veggie stock cubes

5) Tin of chopped tomatoes

6) Pinch of chilli powder

7) Squeeze of garlic paste, or crushed garlic and I think that’s it

8) Nearly forgot, tin of good old fashioned garden peas(or frozen)

9) 1 onion

10) An empty belly, it’s very filling!

What are the benefits of the veggie and 4 bean stew 

Carrots are such a good, nutritious orange nugget of health.Not only good for seeing in the dark, but full of fibre and a good choice on your weight loss journey.

Parsnips are again full of fibre and good minerals, and vitamins including C and K. They can also minimise blood cholesterol levels.

Beans and legumes are not only low in fat, but high in potassium, iron and magnesium. These little rascals can be a good meat replacement and kidney beans contain lots of protein. Again all of these can aid weight loss.

Peas contain vitamins C and E, and also Zinc. They can also decrease the chances of diabetes, arthritis and heart disease.

Garlic as well as being packed with calcium and iron, it also contains vitamin C and keeps the vampires from Transylvania away, and your partner( if she doesn’t have any)



So too make the hearty, and vitamin packed economical veggie and 4 bean stew,  firstly peel and chop the carrots, onion and parsnips, put in your casserole dish or Pyrex dish ( they may be the same me thinks, but hey I’m not exactly fuckin Gordon Ramsey, thats his language not mine)

Now add in the beans, peas, onions and toms and stir up, add some tepid water so it covers the ingredients and add 2  stock cubes.

Squeeze in the garlic paste and the chilli powder and you are done.

Shove the veggie and 4 bean stew  in a fan assisted oven at about 140 degrees for an hour and a half (ish), so plenty of time too watch The Arsenal thrash Man City (as if ) , sorry I meant Leicester City.

Any more help

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