Number 1 Epic Confidence trick

Number 1 Epic Confidence trick.

The Number 1 Epic Confidence trick  The number 1epic confidence trick, what is confidence? According to Wikipedia:- It’s a state of being clear headed! Confidence comes from a Latin word ...
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Veggie and 4 bean stew

Cheap Veggie and 4 bean stew

If you can eat this veggie and 4 bean stew between 4 and 6 times a week, it will give you more energy and vitamins, and be a healthy holiday ...
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Healthy colourful plate

8 Healthy Colourful plate ideas

What’s a healthy colourful plate No, its not something your daughter brings home from school, with a picture of The Little Mermaid on, nor is it some dishevelled piece of ...
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Mens Detox

New Mens Detox- The 7 Day Plan

Mens Detox   Mens detox Is  a process where the body expels any poisons held within ,ie alcohol. It can motivate you to eat more natural foods,like fruit and vegetables,beans ...
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10 ways to feel better

1. Do some exercise Do some squats or jogging on the spot or go for a nice walk.Just get your heart going.This changes your mood instantly and gets the endorphins ...
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