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Together we can and we will

I’m a lifecoach specialising in Men and Dads Health and wellbeing especially mid life issues like stress,anxiety,weight issues etc. I also help Dads that can’t see or are not allowed to see their kids.


All packages come with unlimited e mail support and if the hourly sessions run over a bit I won’t charge you.


Do you offer monthly payments? Can we have a chat first? Does it work? What qualifcations do you have?

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Live/ Love/Laugh - Together we can and we will.

My Story

I’m 56 years old and a qualified life coach/weight loss advisor and general practitioner of NLP. After years in a sales and retail background I decided I wanted to help men my own age with Confidence issues, Anxiety levels, Stress...

Personal Development Concept. a man lays on the table wooden blocks with the words motivation, growth, skill, goal, choice

Any of these sound familiar?

  • Theres got to be more to life!

  • I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired

  • I’m overweight

  • I’m always over-drinking and feeling crap the next day, and the next day and…………….

  • My partner and I split up and she won’t let me see the kids

  • I’m in a rubbish relationship,or getting over a break-up.

Furious angry man with head of lion roar wearing formal suit in the office

My promise to you

  • Ive talked the talk and walked the walk and can get you there too.

  • I can take you from a purr to a roar and be unstoppable

  • I can move you forward in life quicker than a bullet train

  • I will give you 100% loyalty and energy

Together We Can And We Will


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